Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection

Selections, approximetaly 130 pieces, from the Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection are now on permenant display at the entryway to gallery 4.

The selected pieces are from the most complete privately assembled collection of Leica cameras in the country, and one of the largest in the world.

Invented in 1925, Leica cameras revolutionized the aesthetics of photography, elevating the instant “candid” photograph to an art form. Charles M. Messer started collecting Leica cameras in the 1950s and amassed one of the world’s most complete collections. He donated the entire collection to Miami University in 1970, with additions in 1978.

Future plans of an online virtual exhibition will compliment the Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection which documents the intriguing history of Leica cameras through more than 1200 design prototypes, special purpose and military cameras, gold-plated commemorative models and camera accessories.

The Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection in digital format is accessible to a wider audience of collectors and researchers. With advanced request, additional selections from the collection can be made available for further study.

Watch a video about the collection here.

View the Gallery Guide here.


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